Religio-Political Objectives

There are also religious and political objectives for each of the basic stages.

Strategic Defense: To set the conditions for creating the state. Objectives include creating the group, forming leadership cadres, winning over as many young men as possible through da'wa, and beginning to woo elites and tribal figures.

Equilibrium: To create and administer nascent states and "solid states." During this stage, al Qaeda wanted to set up the institutions of the nascent state, engage in shura (consultation), win over the population, impose their version of shari'a, begin spreading political control throughout the region, set up and declare "solid states," and negotiate with neighboring countries.

Strategic Offensive: To unite the "solid states" into the Caliphate and administer the Caliphate. This would entail creating regional institutions and alliances and neutralizing as many enemies as possible.

  • Figure 11: The Methodology: Military Action
  • Figure 12. The Methodology: Political Action
  • Figure 13. The Methodology: Religious Action
  • Figure 14. The Methodology